Gadgetboost is fraud run by Don Wallar Jon Martin

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Gadgetboost is a scam. I don't know how they fake it, but they do. Perhaps they only ship orders on sites that have an ability to track like amazon or such....but I ordered directly from them. They sent only a shipping code for usps, check for yourself: 9101010521297357917145. It lists the post office as notified of intent to deliver without ever actually ever getting the package to the post office.

Numerous emails and phone calls go answered. Searches across various engines with the gadgetboost and scam or complaint bring up lots of complaints.

If gadgetboost has a high rating anywhere it is only because they play their cards right to look good where it matters.

People like myself are only looking for a way to notify google that it is helping Gadgetboost defraud people. Heck, gadgetboost even uses a google voice number in its crimes (760) 896-4763.

As another point of interest, there is also no way of telling facebook that they are housing a site of fraud. It was the fact that gadgetboost showed up in google, had a google voice number was on facebook AND norton safeweb had them listed as safe that I ordered from them. From now on, i will add "review" "scam" or "complaint" to any search before ordering from a company.

I got gadgetboost taken down by reporting him to various agencies.

Well in case anyone searching for help with their problems with gadgetboost comes here...or with Don Wallar's new criminal venture dockextenders :

Don has started a new scam under a different name advertising the same products for him NOT to deliver. I wrote a few letters to his hosting sites asking them to drop him again.

He really is a crooked and horrible person.

I started a facebook group about don's endeavors....Mainly for me to keep track of thing and for people to find.!/groups/217211734987185

Monday I go to the local police to give evidence, hopefully Don will be in jail soon enough.

Oh and to use Don's own tactics of search engine manipulation:

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Jon Martin is also part of the Gadgetboost scam as shown on:

Don Wallar's linkedin site

Don Wallar's facebook site

Gadgetboost Facebook sites. Valueoutfitters seems to be a site Don created to promote his gadgetboost.!/pages/GadgetBoostcom/46513337402?sk=wall

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His return address:

Don Wallar

3778 Albatross Avenue

San Diego, CA 92103 - The worst ever, beware

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I just want to inform all you guys to beware of

I ordered an iPad case for a reasonable price from these guys, paid the item and paid extra cash for 2 day shipping. But I never received the item. hen I ordered, it was mentioned s "in stock", but now it is "out of".

The worst is they sent me an electronic tracking number, but since they did not ship the item, it is just a trick, not an actual shipment.

There is no phone number, and/or e-mail to communicate these guys. Just a message board at their web site, which is useless. I sent several messages through their web system, but never received an answer.

In short, they sold an item, took my money, but did not ship. So basically they scammed me, and since I paid with my debit card, there is no way to take the money back.

Look also other consumer comments on the web about these guys, and you decide before shopping.


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